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Sk8 Talk:

Quote of the week

"I did what I was able to do at the moment. Now I have one month to prepare for the worlds. I think that will be enough -- if nothing else happens to me." - Alexei Yagudin on his performance at europeans and his bad start to the new year.

I really don't know what I want to do with this page so I'll say it's under construction.

Ok I'm really Mad At scott hamilton!

Did you see his performance at SOI. Now who did he remind you of ?

It makes me really mad that he would just go out and make fun of another a skater like that, I've always liked scott but this is unforgivable. And that tacky costume, that is so overdone and mean ! errrr I'm positively fuming and I'm NOT going to SOI this year ! Save my money for better stuff !



Skate articles & Stories

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Skate News

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April 16:

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Dec, 14:

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