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Hydroblading is so popular !


© R. Hartman

Bourne & Kraatz the inventors of hydroblading, and the most awesome Hydrobladers and Icedancers ever!







 So many Skaters are Hydroblading, and not just ice dancers, there are pairs, and even singles skaters. I think it's really wonderful that they are because I love Hydroblading. Once I saw a poll that asked this question Do you think Hydroblading should be a copyrighted move, that only Bourne & Kraatz can do ? I hope that never happens because I think its nice that so many skaters are doing Hydroblading, because if everybody wants to do it, that must mean that Bourne & Kraatz have come up with something really special and that means that Vic & Shae are very special skaters. And plus they will be remembered forever if skaters are always doing Hydroblading, because if people see Hydroblading in say 40 years from now, they'll say," that's a Bourne & Kraatz move" or "Bourne & Kraatz invented that".


Below I put together a list of all the Hydrobladers I know of, when I find new Hydrobladers, I'll add them to my list.

The Hydrobladers

Ice dancers:

Elizabeth Punsalan & Jerod Swallow

Liz & Jerod do a lot of Hydroblading, their Exhibition is filled with all kinds of innovative hydroblading moves and their long program is jam packed with Hydroblading. They do some of the nicest Hydroblading I've seen.

Irina Lobacheva & Ilia Averbukh

In their OD Irina & Ilia do that Slinky kind of Hydroblading, which is one of Vic & Shae's best moves. They are the first, apart from Bourne & Kraatz, to try this type of hydroblading. They have all sorts of other Hydroblade like moves in their OD too.

Kati Winkler & René Lohse

Kati & René do many interesting forms of Hydroblading in their hauntingly beautiful Romeo & Juliet Free dance.

Clements & Shortland

Charlotte & Gary the British national champion do some fascinating hydroblading in their OD. 

 Chantal Lefebvre & Michel Brunet

 In their freedance Chantal et Michel perform a really Innovative hydroblading move.



Jenni Meno & Todd Sand

In their romantic exhibition, Jenni & Todd execute some marvelous Hydroblading,

Elena Bereznaya & Anton Sikharulidze

Elena & Anton sensational exhibition program has Fantastic Hydroblading in it.

Singles Skaters: Women

Michelle Kwan

When Michelle did her Dante's Prayer program at the Ultimate Four she Included something like a mix between Hydroblading and a spiral, I'm going to call it a Hydrospiral. It was lovely.

Nicole Bobek

Nicole Bobek does loads of cool Hydroblading in her fun exhibitions.


Singles Skaters: Men

Elvis Stojko

Elvis was one of the firsts to do Hydroblading. He even named it.

Timothy Goebel 

When Timothy skated his Exhibition program at the Goodwill Games, he had a lot in common with Bourne & Kraatz. He was skating to Greased Lightning which was Shae&Vic's OD this year and he did some awesome hydroblading near the end of his program.

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