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This was not originally going to be an article, it was just something I included in an Email letter to my very good friend Lisa, but Lisa enjoyed it so much I decided to post it!

Here is the excerpt from my letter to Lisa:


You know someone should produce a soap opera based on Pasha.

She's done everything needed for a soap opera. She had an affair, got into fights, stole gold medals(from Vic&Shae), had fierce rivalry, and she recently said she was going to get married, but then she changed her mind, and now Evgeny's dumping her (it's about time), he's going to skate with Maia.


When Pasha heard he was dumping her she went to their hotel gift shop and charged 300$ to Evgeny's hotel bill. She later held a press conference, and said she had piles of request's from skaters who wanted her for a partner. Pasha also said that she plans to skate next season and she's going to show Evgeny she doesn't need him.

She is going to try out with Alexandre Zhulin, who now goes by the name of Sasha without a last name, just like Pasha. Wouldn't it be funny if she did skate with him ? Not only would they be doing a complete partner switch, but there would also be a new Ice dance team called Pasha & Sasha!


So did You enjoy it ?

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