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Don't touch the ice any more !

By Skatestuff

A beautiful Hydroblading position don't you think ?

 © David Roles

Don't expect to see any romantic Hydroblading, like in the picture above, in competition.

Because of the new rule changes made to Ice dance, Bourne & Kraatz will no longer be able to perform their any innovative spectacular hydroblading, that involves putting a hand on the ice.

There were no rules added, saying you can't lie on the ice though, like Anissina & Peizerat, So I guess it's okay to touch the ice as long you don't touch it with your hand. It almost seems almost as though they are trying to get back at Bourne & Kraatz.

Several changes have been made to the rules and new rules have been added. Some may help Ice dance and Bourne & Kraatz, if the judges follow them but the judges have never been following rules, so it's hard to believe they suddenly will.

You can view the changes here


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