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& Barantsev

Danil's Bio

Age: 18

Born: March 10, 1

While watching junior worlds, I discovered an interesting new dance team, Natalia & Danil !

I adore their freedance, it has a cute story, and I love the music.

What I most like about them is that they are very expressive and fun.

Other Info:

Coach: Alexei Gorshkov

They train in Sophia, Bulgaria

Natalia's Bio

Age: 17





If you know any other info about Natalia & Danil or would just like to talk with a fellow fan, please email me !


Natalia & Danil finished 16th at Senior Worlds, because they won Jr. worlds they will get 2 Senior Grandprix assignments next year Hope fully I will get to see them on TV !


97 -98

5th - 1998 Junior Champions Series Final

7th - 1998 World Junior Championships

2nd - 1997 Ukrainian Souvenir

4th - 1997 St. Gervais


3rd - 1999 Junior Grand Prix Final

3rd - 1999 World Junior Championships

1st - 1998 Grand Prix Slovakia

2nd - 1998 Sofia Cup

2nd 1998 Polish Trophy (Junior)

99 - 2000

1st - Russian Junior National Championships

1st - 2000 Junior World Championships

1st - 2000 Junior Grand Prix Final

1st - 1999 Salchow Trophy

1st - 1999 Junior Grand Prix (Den Haag)


"We tell the story of a sleeping puppet that is awakened by a girl and gets more and more involved with her. There is a happy cheerful end,"

- Danil talking about the theme of their freedance


This year's freedance is to music from Cirque De Soleil, an article I read said it was from Cirque' De Soleil's Carousel, but I know some it is from Cirque de Soleil: Quidam, because I recognized it when I saw Quidam recently. I love it when skaters use Cirque de Soleil because they started out in my city.

Nat & Dan's Latin OD music was a mambo & rhumba that's all I know about it.

Last season's (98-99) freedance was to a mambo, only a clip of it was broadcast in Canada so I don't know much about it.